“Give a Cup” for Kale

In celebration of their new line of Single Cups, I’ve been asked by Peet’s Coffee to share something I “Give a Cup” about! I’m actually really into their topic from this past week which is KALE. Each week, you get to weigh in on a different topic and help determine where the next sampling of Peet’s Single Cups will be. Pretty cool, right? Give your own cup each week here to join in on the fun!

Anyway, onto kale. I’ll be perfectly honest – until I moved to California 3+ years ago, kale was not even close to being on my radar. Today, I eat kale in some form nearly every single day. Plus, there’s so many kinds of kale! My favorite is dino kale but I usually eat lots of curly kale since it’s so common. Anyway, some may think it’s a bit hyped up in the food world at the moment, which holds validity. But in the long run I believe kale is here to stay! Here are some reasons why I love this leafy green, including a few favorite ways to eat it.

 + Kale is packed with nutritional benefits including being low in calories and high in fiber. Great for detoxes and is high in antioxidants!

+ Instead of eating potato chips, kale chips are a tasty alternative for those afternoon or late night munchies. Flashback to my recipe I posted back in 2010. Who knew I was at the forefront of a snack trend?

+ I really got into kale caesar salads sometime over the last year. Here is a great recipe from Chef Phoebe Lapine which is pretty much exactly how I make mine (minus mustard). Anyway, I attribute my love of kale caesar salads to my discovery of the one from Four Cafe in Eagle Rock. I went through a phase where I was eating it at least once a week before I finally decided to give it a go in my own kitchen. This is also when I discovered the wonder that is baby kale. Just try it – trust.

+ Kale is a great ingredient for both juices and smoothies! I have a green smoothie at least 3 mornings a week which usually consist of 2 stems of kale leaves, a banana, almond milk and sunflower seed butter. This is a great guide to get you started on all sorts of green smoothies. #yummy

+ I’ve heard from many friends that they don’t like kale because it’s tough and bitter. Want to know a secret? You need to massage your kale before you eat it raw in salads! All you need is some olive oil and salt. Read all about here from the Huffington Post.

*This post has been sponsored by Peet’s Coffee, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Caesar salad photo borrowed from the yummy blog, Feed Me Pheobe.

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