Style 15 / Summer Polka Dot Tights

Since it’s finally July aka summer, I’ve been trying to switch out my wardrobe – y’know, packing away things like heavier jackets, long sleeves and tights. Well, that is except for these new sheer polka-dot tights I snagged recently from Leg Luxury. They are actually perfect for warmer weather wear, which is ideal since I’m apparently one of the few gals in LA who actually wear tights. Coming from the midwest I’ve always been a fan of opaque tights, usually in the black or grey color genres.  I went through this whole phase where I would only wear EG Smith cotton tights. Yes, I was that particular. I mean hey, it gets COLD walking around in a dress during the winter in Michigan + Chicago.

Anyway, I decided to steer away from my go-to black on black and paired my new dotty tights with a fun party dress I thrifted a couple weeks ago. I think the abstract circular print really brings out the tiny dot details. What do you think? Do we like?

*Thanks to Leg Luxury for the tights! I am not an employee of Leg Luxury, and all opinions are my own. Photos taken by Christopher Taylor via iPhone 4S.

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