Small Bedroom Makeover Tips

Bedroom Makeover 1

As of this summer, we have officially lived in our little Venice Bungalow rental for 6 years. SIX YEARS. Just thinking about it completely boggles my mind, since for most of my adult life I’ve basically been a nomad, living in apartment after apartment for no more than 2 years at a time. With that thought in mind, I decided back in May that it was time to upgrade our bedroom because let’s be real – sleeping on a mattress + box spring on the floor wasn’t cutting it anymore!

CREATE A FOCAL POINT: Since our headboard isn’t very prominent, we used this large vintage rug hook wall art to create a focal point in the bedroom, and accented it with smaller pieces of art like this wall hanging from Maptote. Even everyday accessories such as hats can become decor when you display them in an artful way!

Bedroom Makeover 2

THINK SMALL: Making over any room of a house comes with it’s challenges, and making over a tiny bedroom with an attached bathroom is even more of a challenge since the bed can only face maybe 2 ways. The first step for us was to update our bed situation. Because our bedroom is so small – around 100 square feet –  having a queen sized mattress without a frame was kind of a burden. I know it’s only a few inches, but trust me, those few inches make a huge difference. We decided to downgrade on size, but upgrade in quality by going with a new full size mattress from Helix Sleep for customized comfort, and ASKVOLL bed frame from Ikea because we liked the minimal design, and also because it provides space for storage underneath. Plus, our cats now have a place to hide when the vacuum comes out to play.

Bedroom Makeover 6

COMFORT FIRST: When it came time to dress our new bed, I was looking for something simple + soft that would keep us cool throughout the night. Christopher tends to sweat when he sleeps, so getting a new comforter was totally out of the question. Instead, I pulled my favorite vintage Turkish blanket out of our Tawas Trading Co. inventory and paired it with the matte Sateen Venice Set from Parachute Home. I love how comfortable they are together, and especially how luxe the sateen sheets feel, while also being more wrinkle resistant than most bedding. I’ve literally never slept better!

Bedroom Makeover 3MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: I love mid century modern slat benches for their versatility. So naturally when I spotted this smaller than usual one at The Venice Flea Market last month, I immediately knew it would be prefect for our bedroom. The missing piece of the puzzle! Most days we use it as a side table, but occasionally we also use it for seating. Another great flea market find is the accordion hanger we have above the bench. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are ideal for literally anything.

Bedroom Makeover 5

LET THERE BE LIGHT: As in any small space, great lighting is such a necessity. We have amazing natural light that floods in during the day, but once the sun goes down, our bedroom tends to become a dark dungeon. When I discovered C by GE, I knew they’d be the ideal light bulbs for our bedroom. Their bluetooth LED bulbs allow you to customize light levels at various times of the day, to your preference. Plus, it’s so nice being able to turn lights on/off remotely via my phone, from bed or even from another room in the house. It’s the best!

Bedroom Makeover 4

The only thing we’re still trying to figure out is storage. This is a challenge throughout in our entire bungalow, but especially our bedroom since we only have an itty bitty closet. What are some of your home design/decor challenges, and how did you overcome them?

Instagram Sundays / 01

It’s been difficult keeping up with blogging lately, so I’ve decided to start sharing some photos from Instagram at the end of each week ( + fingerscrossed + )

I put the flowers (by Kristen of Moon Canyon Design) I brought home from the Splendid party we threw with Bri a couple of weekends back in a mason jar on a table in our kitchen. I love how it brightens up the space, so perfect next to all my mirrors.

My gal pal Jamie brought me to Pygmy Hippo for the first time and I about had a heart attack. Cutest store seriously like E – V – E – R! I bought like a bazillion little things as gifts for now, later… and of course a thing or two for myself including the most amazing eyeball collar clips.

We went to happy hour at Buddah’s Belly with John + Jamie and I had this refreshing Gingerita. Oh, let’s not forget to mention the $7 crispy rice. Yum is right!

My life has been taken over by pom poms, but I’m not complaining. Mimosas + a video shoot with the gals = best day ever. Can’t wait to share it with you all!

I love this photo I captured of Truman fast asleep, tucked beneath our new Too by Blu Dot for Target Woodgrain Duvet Cover.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to visit Anna Bond’s lovely Rifle Paper Co. store + studio space. A full post to come soon!

This article on J Crew and Jenna Lyons is a must read. I feel so lucky to work in a creative environment and with such talented folks. I love what I do so business and pleasure often mix – and it’s a good thing.

Snapchat is the shit. No, this isn’t just for tweens and nudes – and if you think so you probably need to grow up a little. I think this app is pretty genius. #seriously

Finally got to check out The Lash on Friday night and I’m totally digging it. A couple of my favorite humans ever, Andrew and Gabby, were on the ones and twos all night. Vinyl forever y’all! Who needs a computer when you have records?

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