Lovelist / 03: Everyday Home Essentials

Homebody. That’s me. I’m not quite sure when it began, but let me tell you… it is glorious. Sure, I’m up for a weekend adventure as much as the next gal, but sometimes it’s just good to be home. Since we moved to LA from Chicago nearly 3 years ago, I’ve been trying really hard to only buy things that I really want in our space since we really don’t have much storage in our Venice bungalow. As we’ve paired down, I’ve started to really love the things we choose to bring into our domicile. Here are a few we use on the daily + some on my wishlist that I love.

Top 5 Everyday Home Essentials

1 / HAY Tea Towels – These fun everyday towels designed by danish designer HAY are bright, modern and perfect.

2 / Dr. Bronners Peppermint Castile Soap – I really got into Dr. Bronners after watching the documentary “Dr. Bronners Magic Soapbox” on Netflix. This soap is literally the only base cleaning agent you’ll ever need. I use it for literally everything – as soap in the shower, shampoo, fruit + veggie cleaner, and evens cleans grease.

3 / Palo Santo Sticks – I first discovered these at Individual Medley in Atwater Village with my friend Melanie. Palo Santo literally means “Holy Stick” or “Sacred Wood” and is a highly natural wood/aromatic incense used for centuries by the Incas and indigenous people of the Andes as a high spiritual remedy for purifying and cleansing, to get rid of evil spirits and misfortune, as well as for medicinal purposes. It’s is often used by shamans in sacred plant spirit ceremonies. I love sage but this is so next level!

4 / Mondrian Glass Tumblers – We found a set of 4 of these at Out of the Closet in Venice, pretty much brand new, and I am obsessed. I’ve always had a place in my heart for Mondrian and gladly welcomed these babies into my home. Heavy duty and uber practical, I drink everything from almond milk to rose from them.

5 / Kaleido Trays – HAY does it again. These mix + match modern geotastic trays come various sizes + colors and stylishly hold everything from keys, to letters and even accessories.


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