At Home with Eero

We moved back home to Detroit late last year, and one of the most exciting things for us was the fact that we were going to be living in a historic Victorian home built in 1895. A four-bedroom, 2-story house, with gorgeous brick exterior and hardwood floors throughout. After living in our tiny Venice bungalow for nearly 6 years, it feels surreal to have so much space.

The one concern I had with so much space though, was WiFi – and more specifically, how on earth were we going to get our WiFi to be available throughout the entire house? With a traditional router back in our Venice home, it was nearly impossible to have more than one device be connected to WiFi at any given time, which as you can imagine, became quite troublesome.

Enter eero. I’m not exaggerating when I say that their smart WiFi system has completely changed our lives and the way we live in our home. It all comes down to the technology that’s housed in these aesthetically beautiful, simple pods.

Eero utilizes TrueMesh™ technology, allowing WiFi hops between eeros to travel down hallways or go around walls. Unlike other WiFi systems that only allow for one hop in any direction, eero allows for more hops with less speed degradation. How cool is that?

Now when Chris watches cycling recaps from races like Le Tour de France via YouTube on our smartTV downstairs, I can be upstairs in my studio working from the computer, prepping new items for our vintage shop, all while streaming music. We no longer have to bicker at one another to “get off the WiFi” – it’s truly glorious!

The design of the eero is elegant and unassuming, so it fits in perfectly with our home decor. We currently have an eero in my studio room, which is an on-suite from our bedroom. Another one is in Chris’ music studio which is also upstairs but on the opposite side of the house down a long hallway. Together, they provide incredible coverage for our entire second floor, which includes our guest room.

Downstairs, we have an eero Beacon in the kitchen, which despite being only half the size of the original eero, it actually performs 30% better since it’s a full-fledged access point. It also acts as a handy LED nightlight, perfect for late night snack rendezvous with the fridge. Our final eero is in our DJ/ record room, which is adjacent to our dining room and living rooms.

Having a reliable WiFi system that allows us to focus on life and the things we love has been liberating. Days of worrying about buffering, dead zones, spotty connections, etc. are gone forever. Now that’s the key to a happy life!

Want reliable WiFi coverage in your own home? Get free overnight shipping on any eero WiFi system with code LALOVETTA at checkout when you purchase from – trust me, it’ll be THE BEST purchase you’ve made all year!

This post was sponsored by eero. All ideas + opinions expressed are my own as reliable Wi-Fi coverage at home is so essential to living a happy life!

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