Caturday 12 / Truman’s Nap Spot

Processed with VSCOcam Did you know that cats typically sleep from between 12-16 hours per day in order to conserve energy? Maybe we should take a hint and take more catnaps throughout the day – wouldn’t that be the life!

Ever since we rearranged our living room a few weeks ago, a pile of falsa blankets are now stacked up next to our couch. This area is Truman’s new napping spot, with a perfectly perched view of the entire house. Happy Caturday, everyone!

Caturday Truman 2

Red Lentil & Caulifower Curry

red lentil curry caulifower curry
As I’ve been trying to buy more of our produce locally, I’ve also started to try out recipes from Veganomicon more often as well – one of my favorite cookbooks received as a birthday present from our wonderful friends, Melissa and Ivo, from Chicago. A creature of habit, I tend to cook the same things over and over, which is many times…boring. My favorite thing about Veganomicon is how it challenges me to use new ingredients, such as red lentils, that I normally wouldn’t try. Isa is an amazing gal, for sure.

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