Amoeba Wax Museum

One of the best things about vinyl and collecting records is the cover art. While I don’t usually buy a record solely based on it’s artwork, a wall designed cover always grabs my attention. I mean, the artwork can range from straight up pictures of faces, to crazy patterns and nearly everything in between (like, seriously… how about this record I saw once at Amoeba… yup yup). Anyway, for a while Christopher was working in the Electronic section at the imfamous record store in Hollywood and while he was there, this amazing thing called #amoebawaxmuseum began to surface on Instagram. Hello… can we make this hashtag #trending, please? Anyway, our friend Gabby is one of the many people who are constantly adding to the “museum” aka posing with a record but replacing your face, hands – anything really with it. Genius, right? And some of them are totally hilarious. Here are some of my favorites…

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The Miracles Club – U&Me

I’ve been loving Portland-based band, The Miracles Club, for a while now but love turned into obsession when we finally got their “A New Love” record several weeks ago and the U&Me 12″ to add to our ever-growing vinyl collection. The group’s late 80’s – early 90’s Hacienda revival, dance-inducing beats puts you into a piano-driven acid house trance – unpretentiously cool. The new video for their song “U&Me” is super fun and incredibly entertaining. All the footage from the video was crowd-sourced from fans via this video where Ryan tells fans “All you need to do is dance”  – and guess what? They D A N C E D. I really love the two dudes werkin’ it in the snow and the blonde chick dancing while her friend vogues in the background. #bestever

Oh, and if you dig this and you live in the LA area, you should come out to Christopher’s Outer Drive night at Carbon next Wednesday night – flyer below!

Playlist / 01: Disco House

Patients often complain of their hands falling asleep and dropping objects. Nighttime symptoms that wake the individual are quite common.


1. Holy Ghost! // It Gets Dark
2. AZARI & III // Manic
3. MK // Burning
4. Max Essa feat. D. C. Mathias // How Do You Feel? – Kim Ann Foxman Remix
5. James Curd // Don’t Really Care – feat. Devin Byrnes
6. The Miracles Club // U&Me
7. Midnight Magic // Beam Me Up – Jaques Renault Remix
8. Dajae // U Got Me Up – Danny Tenaglia’s Club Version
9. James Curd // Open Up Your Mind
10. Mario Basanov // Lonely Days
11. Charlie // Spacer Woman

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