The Artist’s Way: Morning Pages

(Rifle Paper Co. Botanical Journal, French Days Pen from Urbanic)

A couple weeks ago I began reading The Artist’s Way. Part guide to creative discovery, part self-educational course, it’s basically a 12-week journey to higher creativity. So much has been going on in all parts of my life recently, that I actually haven’t done a full week of what should have been week 1 and what the book calls “morning pages.” (I know, I know… get with it and just do it!) Each morning, you are supposed to write out three pages or thoughts, frustrations, joys – anything really. But, you must do this first thing in the morning. The thought behind this concept is that you need to get out all of the random things that are stuck in your head out, and only then will you be able to focus on other thoughts. I’ve managed to get about 10 days of morning pages done but starting next week I am dedicated to truly completing a full week so I can get on with the rest of the course. I have to say though, that I believe this works and even from the little I have done, I have felt a difference. Days when I do morning pages, my thoughts are more lucid and I am more focused. It’s interesting that the simplest of exercises can help bring about creativity, right? I’ve heard so many great things about doing The Artist’s Way that it makes me want to learn more about what others do to help with their creative process. Anyway, wish me luck as I attempt week 1 once again… hope to report back with week 2 soon!

Instagram Sundays / 01

It’s been difficult keeping up with blogging lately, so I’ve decided to start sharing some photos from Instagram at the end of each week ( + fingerscrossed + )

I put the flowers (by Kristen of Moon Canyon Design) I brought home from the Splendid party we threw with Bri a couple of weekends back in a mason jar on a table in our kitchen. I love how it brightens up the space, so perfect next to all my mirrors.

My gal pal Jamie brought me to Pygmy Hippo for the first time and I about had a heart attack. Cutest store seriously like E – V – E – R! I bought like a bazillion little things as gifts for now, later… and of course a thing or two for myself including the most amazing eyeball collar clips.

We went to happy hour at Buddah’s Belly with John + Jamie and I had this refreshing Gingerita. Oh, let’s not forget to mention the $7 crispy rice. Yum is right!

My life has been taken over by pom poms, but I’m not complaining. Mimosas + a video shoot with the gals = best day ever. Can’t wait to share it with you all!

I love this photo I captured of Truman fast asleep, tucked beneath our new Too by Blu Dot for Target Woodgrain Duvet Cover.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to visit Anna Bond’s lovely Rifle Paper Co. store + studio space. A full post to come soon!

This article on J Crew and Jenna Lyons is a must read. I feel so lucky to work in a creative environment and with such talented folks. I love what I do so business and pleasure often mix – and it’s a good thing.

Snapchat is the shit. No, this isn’t just for tweens and nudes – and if you think so you probably need to grow up a little. I think this app is pretty genius. #seriously

Finally got to check out The Lash on Friday night and I’m totally digging it. A couple of my favorite humans ever, Andrew and Gabby, were on the ones and twos all night. Vinyl forever y’all! Who needs a computer when you have records?

Shark Pig’s #whatstheinternet Party

A couple weeks ago Melanie and I stopped by Shark Pig‘s #whatstheinternet Party at Heirloom LA. I have to say, these folks really know to put on a bash! Outfitted in furniture from YEAH! Rentals, the parking lot of Heiroom LA was transformed into a eclectic wonderland of tacos, specialty cocktails and Smilebooth shenanigans (in a van, what?!). My libation of choice that night was the Ginger Eye (Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, Herbsaint House Made Fresh Ginger Extract, Torani Mer, Meyer Lemon) which was absolute perfection. And can we talk about the food for a second? They had a taco bar (Shark, Pork Belly, or Turnip) with sides of beet salad, rice, beans, corn on the husk and fries. What’s that you say? Y-U-M is right, not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening!

Spring Cleaning + Decorating on a Budget

Oh Spring cleaning. It happens every year, whether we like it or not. Out with the old, in with the new. De-clutter, toss, clean. Decorating on a budget? We’ve all been there, right? Well, I’ve been trying to simplify nearly everything in my life over the past couple of months – from my closet, to our bungalow and even my desk at work. I’m not sure how it happens, but I somehow always end up with clutter here and there, especially RIGHT after I’ve cleaned and de-cluttered. Does that happen to you too? One thing I’ve been really trying hard to do is to only buy things that I really, REALLY love… and I actually think it’s been helping. One great example is this vintage mid-century lamp I found on Sunday at the Fairfax Flea Market. I’ve been looking for a new lamp for our living room for-like-ever and am so happy I never settled on others. Can you believe this near-mint condition made in the USA, metal meets plastic beauty only cost $20? Yes, keeping things simple can actually save you money!

I’ve also really been getting into flowers lately – especially foraging and picking them around my neighborhood and basically wherever I go (shh… don’t tell my neighbors). Thanks to my friend Mel for the inspiration! I’ve been putting them in pretty much every single room around our bungalow. The best part is that I simply use mason jars as a vase and voila – you have a beautiful and simple piece of decor for any table top – home, kitchen, work… literally anywhere! The desk shot above are some flowers I picked up last week from Trader Joes, but here are some pretty little buds I found on a tree branch in the parking lot over by our studio in Atwater Village. Now if only I can figure out how to keep them alive longer… any suggestions?


Nearly a month ago I was lucky enough to attend BLOGSHOP when it returned to Los Angeles at Studio 1342. I’ve always been a big fan of designlovefest and it’s design aesthetic, so naturally I wanted to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop from Bri herself! While I’m not really a novice when it comes to Photoshop, I’m mostly self taught – so I was doing so many things inefficiently. I left class with a few new tricks up my sleeve, including how to make gifs! Both Bri and Angela were so amazing and helpful – the best teachers ever! It was an incredibly inspiring two days – I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off the new year.  Continue reading

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