#MyGreatCat Victor / Purina Pro Plan

Victor Purina Post 1 What’s so great about a cat? Purina Pro Plan Cat explores this question through a series of cat portraits shot by photographer Jessica Trinh, and our cat Victor was one of the lucky felines chosen to be a part of the #mygreatcat campaign. A few weeks ago the Purina team and Jessica came to our bungalow for a little photo session and Q+A about our love of cats, adoption and what makes Victor so great! Out of so many great qualities, Victor’s intuition, curiosity, and sensory nature stood out to the team and jotted down a few things Christopher had to say about Victor:

“I just think cats are so unique. They’re like little people that pick up qualities from their owners. He gets his social butterfly-ness from Eileen. But he can be a little bossy sometimes, too. He keeps everyone in line, us and the dog included. If our dog Rusty gets out of hand, Victor will bop him on the head. He just gives him a look that he knows. He likes to prance around and thinks he’s very refined and sophisticated. He is also a master escape artist.”

Victor Purina Post 2 Last weekend in Union Square, Purina teamed up with the folks from @cats_of_instagram for a day long event featuring a pop-up gallery which showcased the 10 cats around Los Angeles as well as highlights selected from Instagram that fans shared through the hashtag #mygreatcat. Oh, and now through the end of August if you share a photo of your cat with #mygreatcat on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, Purina will donate 1 lb. of food (up to 50,000 lbs.) to one of many cat rescues around the country. Now that’s what I call great!

Caturday 12 / Truman’s Nap Spot

Processed with VSCOcam Did you know that cats typically sleep from between 12-16 hours per day in order to conserve energy? Maybe we should take a hint and take more catnaps throughout the day – wouldn’t that be the life!

Ever since we rearranged our living room a few weeks ago, a pile of falsa blankets are now stacked up next to our couch. This area is Truman’s new napping spot, with a perfectly perched view of the entire house. Happy Caturday, everyone!

Caturday Truman 2

No Interwebs

I haven’t had internet since Thursday, so here’s a late Caturday post. Lovely little gif our friend John made from his visit. Hoping to be back online by tomorrow!


love la lovetta

The PetStaurant

Meet Rusty

The petstaurant


Meet Rusty, the newest edition to our little perfect family of misfits. Yes, I know he’s a dog and this is a caturday post, but this post is about something more important, what we feed our extended family members, our pets. I was quite excited this week when we adopted this Koreatown stray who is the most amazing pup in the world. Not only was I excited about how well Rusty fit into the family ( Victor & Truman LOVE him ) but that I now was able to get The PetStaurant food for both our cats and our new canine friend!

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Gloomy Caturday Nap



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