Caturday 12 / Truman’s Nap Spot

Processed with VSCOcam Did you know that cats typically sleep from between 12-16 hours per day in order to conserve energy? Maybe we should take a hint and take more catnaps throughout the day – wouldn’t that be the life!

Ever since we rearranged our living room a few weeks ago, a pile of falsa blankets are now stacked up next to our couch. This area is Truman’s new napping spot, with a perfectly perched view of the entire house. Happy Caturday, everyone!

Caturday Truman 2

The PetStaurant

Meet Rusty

The petstaurant


Meet Rusty, the newest edition to our little perfect family of misfits. Yes, I know he’s a dog and this is a caturday post, but this post is about something more important, what we feed our extended family members, our pets. I was quite excited this week when we adopted this Koreatown stray who is the most amazing pup in the world. Not only was I excited about how well Rusty fit into the family ( Victor & Truman LOVE him ) but that I now was able to get The PetStaurant food for both our cats and our new canine friend!

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Caturday Exercise

caturday exercise This ‘caturday’ morning while the bf was playing records, I decided to take some time to tone up my flabby arms. As I was doing some weight exercises, I guess Victor was behind me, head bobbing up and down with the motion of my arms, watching the weight. It was kind of amazing. I love our babies. Didn’t really notice til now, but there’s literally 4 cats in this picture…can you spot them?

Oh, I am in love with my new sweater top I got last weekend in Little Tokyo from Shop Ashiya. Finally, something that actually looks good with my blue/black Levi’s.


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