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Bungalow 9 Jewelry What a fun couple of weeks it’s been! I recently began working with Jen Crosby of Bungalow 9 Jewelry on digital branding and social media for her jewelry line along with product photography. Collaborating with other entrepreneurs is one of the best things about being freelance, especially when they create such beautiful things.

Sherise Lee The Radder MOCA Los Angeles

I met up with Sherise from The Radder for lunch and a visit to the MOCA Pacific Design Center to see the Jacob Hashimoto‘s ‘Gas Giant’ exhibit. His work is incredible – so much beauty in one room. An absolute must see!

Gravel and Gold Boob Top Poster

We had a little get away to Ojai again – just because (why not, right?). I treated myself to the Gravel & Gold boob top I’ve been eyeing ever since I lost my favorite tunic of for like ever, and also scored some great vintage finds for Tawas Trading Co.

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HURRA! Danish Art + Design

Hurra Danish Pop Up Venice Abbot Kinney

They say that Abbot Kinney is the “coolest block in America” and with pop-ups like HURRA! I’d have to say that they actually may be onto something. The well-curated pop-up gallery and shop sprung up at the end of November, and while it was only supposed to stay through the end of 2013, HURRA! has extended their stay until the end of this month – hooray! The two brains behind the immaculate space filled with Danish art + design are Sharin Foo and Camilla Hjerl, a musician and graphic designer. Perhaps you’ve heard of the band The Ravonettes? Yes, it’s that Sharin – so cool right?

Hurra Pop Up Shop Venice Goods


(Stitch and Heart Series by Gry Fager)

Hurra Pop Up Shop Venice Goods 2

(Gry Frager for Normann Copenhagen)

The only thing cooler and just as beautiful as the owners themselves are the artisanal goods they carry. From Danish staples like Hay and Normann Copenhagen, to emerging artists + designers like Studio Arhoj and Signe Schjøth, be prepared for an onslaught of the most heavenly eye candy you’ve ever come across. Oh, did I mention the abundance of art adorning the walls, and practically every nook and cranny of the gallery? I am obsessed with everything. Seriously.

Diamonds and shelf at HURRA LA

(Porcelain diamonds by Signe Schjøth)

HURRA Art Gallery Venice

Hurra Pop Up Shop Venice Goods 3

Japanese Shinto Ghosts

Big Ghosts HURRAHurra Pop Up Shop Venice Goods 6

(Ghosts by Studio Arhoj)

Work Diagram by Kia Utzon-Frank 2

(Work Diagram by artist Kia Utzon-Frank)

Work Diagram by Kia Utzon-Frank

Kia Utzon-Frank

Kia Utzon-Frank 2 side

(I Like it, What is it? by artist Kia Utzon-Frank)HAY printed adjustable pillows

(Pillows by BALlab)

HURRA pop up clothing

Meet The Maker / 01: Melanie Abrantes


Meet Melanie Abrantes. A designer and maker by trade, the bubbly Texas-native is one of Los Angeles’ rising talents – a real hidden gem! Trust me – she’s one to watch for! Charming, perpetually happy, and just a complete pleasure to be around – Melanie has an energy about her that translates into both her work and craftsmanship. The idea of quality and taking time to hand make something worthy of passing down through generations, is the premise behind her thoughtful creations. A true labor of love.


Over the past year at the studio, I’ve watched Mel hone her skills in woodworking with the first cake stand that she made for a secret santa gift exchange, and now explorations into cork-based pieces – a material that has roots in her Portuguese heritage. After debuting her California Tree Series in Crafting Community’s One King’s Lane Artisanal Sale last year, Melanie is now selling her one-of-a-kind bowls, vases, planters and stands alongside local LA makers Hedley & Bennett and Dominik Woods on the much-coveted marketplace now through Jan 31st.


1. As a product designer, what drew you to work with wood and cork as materials? I loved the look and feel of both materials. You get such rich colors in the grains of wood and such a simplicity in the cork. I am such a tangible person, and being drawn to the feel of an object is always something that entices me. I am also the first one to get kicked out of a museum because I always have the urge to touch the sculpture, I KNOW it’s wrong….but I cant help it!


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The Day I Met Cutie and The Boxer

As a total documentary geek, I’m obsessed with finding new ones to watch on Netflix. On a late night several weeks ago, it was Christopher’s turn to find a flick, which resulted in us watching Cutie and The Boxer. Lo and behold, literally a week later as I arrived home from running errands, Christopher texts me from work on Abbot Kinney with a photo of some people walking and the words “cutie and the boxer!!!” 


Wait, what? It took me a few seconds to enlarge and inspect the photo on my iPhone. OH MY GOD. I saw the ponytails. The asymmetrical/color-blocked stripe cardigan. Holy moly – Ushio and Noriko are on Abbot Kinney? Like… down the street? What do I do? A case of FOMO completely took over and I hustled down the street.

Cutie And The Boxer 1

Cutie And The Boxer 2

After a stop in HURRA! I continued down the street until I spotted the artist couple sitting on a bench at Intelligentsia. After pacing back and forth for about 5 minutes, with patrons looking at me strangely – finally got up the courage to interrupt their conversation and say “hello” – but just for a second. The two were incredibly sweet and adorable. Ushio began explaining that they had a screening for their film at Cinefamily the night before and they were about to leave and return home to NYC. Man, how did I not know about it? After I gushed about how much I loved them for a hot second, they kindly agreed to getting their photo taken. I have to say, it was quite magical.

Cutie And The Boxer 3

Everything aside, this is a must-watch documentary about the life and struggles of a Japanese artist couple – I promise it will capture your heart. Take a look at the trailer below and see for yourself!

Marbling Prints / Pernilles Snedker Hansen

I came across these marbled prints on Pinterest the other day and didn’t realize they were by Copenhagen designer Pernilles Snedker Hansen, but it makes complete sense – when you look at her pieces, the marbling almost looks as if they were layers/rings of wood. Remember this post I did on her marbled wood floors? Anyway, it’s crazy how far marbling has come. It’s literally everywhere these days (Ksteggy was totally onto a trend over a year ago), especially in home decor and fashion. I mean, you can literally marble anything… right?

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