The Day I Met Cutie and The Boxer

As a total documentary geek, I’m obsessed with finding new ones to watch on Netflix. On a late night several weeks ago, it was Christopher’s turn to find a flick, which resulted in us watching Cutie and The Boxer. Lo and behold, literally a week later as I arrived home from running errands, Christopher texts me from work on Abbot Kinney with a photo of some people walking and the words “cutie and the boxer!!!” 


Wait, what? It took me a few seconds to enlarge and inspect the photo on my iPhone. OH MY GOD. I saw the ponytails. The asymmetrical/color-blocked stripe cardigan. Holy moly – Ushio and Noriko are on Abbot Kinney? Like… down the street? What do I do? A case of FOMO completely took over and I hustled down the street.

Cutie And The Boxer 1

Cutie And The Boxer 2

After a stop in HURRA! I continued down the street until I spotted the artist couple sitting on a bench at Intelligentsia. After pacing back and forth for about 5 minutes, with patrons looking at me strangely – finally got up the courage to interrupt their conversation and say “hello” – but just for a second. The two were incredibly sweet and adorable. Ushio began explaining that they had a screening for their film at Cinefamily the night before and they were about to leave and return home to NYC. Man, how did I not know about it? After I gushed about how much I loved them for a hot second, they kindly agreed to getting their photo taken. I have to say, it was quite magical.

Cutie And The Boxer 3

Everything aside, this is a must-watch documentary about the life and struggles of a Japanese artist couple – I promise it will capture your heart. Take a look at the trailer below and see for yourself!

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