Opening Day at Santa Anita Park


A few weeks ago the America’s Best Racing Team invited me out to opening day at Santa Anita Park which was an experience I couldn’t possibly pass up! Christopher grew up going to the race track with Grandpa Cybula, and over the years has gotten me into horse racing. We’ve been to Hollywood Park a couple times but boy, nothing compares to Santa Anita Park! I had heard that it was one of the most beautiful parks in the country but had no idea how truly breathtaking it was until we arrived and saw the view for myself. Nestled at the foot of the mountains of Santa Anita Canyon with a clear blue sky as the backdrop, the park was the absolute perfect setting for a day of racing.

The ABRV Crew gave us a tour of the track and then lead us up to the Club House where we grabbed a couple of drinks (bourbon, please!) and proceeded to get settled into our box seats.


After placing our bets on a few races, we headed down the the lower levels to check out the building and the Grandstand areas. I’m always fascinated with the interiors of historical buildings and admire all the Art Deco elements of Santa Anita Park. Also, how fun are these colors and pattens at the betting counters? Love!

Santa-Anita-Park-Betting-Counter Santa-Anita-Park-Cash-and-Bet


One of my favorite moments of the day was observing these two gentlemen hanging out on the steps, watching the races and going through the day’s book. It was obvious that they had been coming here for years and years, and opening day is most likely a tradition. It seriously melted my heart. So sweet, right?


After a few drinks over the course of the afternoon, we got pretty hungry and ventured over to the Terrace Food Court for some grub. Christopher got some pasta from their Noodle Bar (yes, a noodle bar) and I got a yummy salad from The Turf Course. To satisfy our sweet tooth, we headed down towards the track and got a couple churros from one of the snack carts. I swear, it was one of the biggest churros I’d ever eaten!



We ended the day with a round of “fancy drinks” as Mary Frances called them. It was the perfect way to end a day at the races with new friends, and to celebrate opening day. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to The Breeder’s Cup next weekend as it’s one of the most important events in horse racing (well, aside from the Kentucky Derby) – read more about it’s history here. Interested in joining me? Grab your tickets here and hope to see you Nov. 1st at the park!


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