Instagram Sundays / 03

Last Sunday I metup with Cori Magee for brunch, some wine and lots of life and girl chatter. Definitely left feeling inspired and am always excited to meet a kindred spirit.

Our garden has been growing like crazy! I gathered all of these in one go. Had no idea we had so many green peppers. Feeling super grateful for being able to grow some of our own food right in our yard.

I hate to talk about this but fleas are SO bad this season! Even with meds from the vet, both our cats and #rustytaylorlee are still having issues. I’ve been hearing the same troubles from friends… what’s the deal? Anyway, I’ve been bringing Rusty to work with me every so often now that Christopher has been working long days at Civilianaire.

Saw this little baby over by the studio. I’m so into Deus ex Machina‘s Parking Lot d’Elegance which has totally become a thing of it’s own on Instagram 

I went on a little field trip last Thursday and made a pitstop at 356 Mission – the new Ooga Booga store/gallery. I loved the vibrant colors of this group of plants and succulents in the doorway. So pretty, pretty.

I spent a good part of my weekend weeding and cleaning up our garden. I had neglected it for most of the summer and while most would have given up with the half burnt-sun bleached tomato plant, and flowering basil – I’m giving it another go.

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