Camping in Joshua Tree

A couple of weekends ago I went camping for the first time in my life. Really, the very first time ever. I mean, no big deal right? Wrong! I was excited but the nerve-wrecking part was that we were going to be off-site camping, aka backpacking. There wasn’t going to be any cozy restrooms, electrical hook-ups or any of the usual comforts of living in civilization. Just us, Rusty, a campfire, our tent and the desert.

We’ve been to Joshua Tree before so I actually wasn’t too worried, but adding in the component of camping and not just hiking made it a bit daunting. But… we searched high and low for a campsite and after about an hour, we literally stumbled across the most perfect spot ever. Nestled in the southern half of the park, it was located all the way back by the larger rocks about a mile away from where we parked.

It took us a few hours, hiking back and forth the get all of our gear including this amazing portable “pack-a-table” picnic table we had picked up at the Venice High Flea Market several weeks back. Christopher mastered the art of creating a campfire, and our lantern tucked away in the little rock cove by our tent illuminated our entire campsite all night. It also definitely helped that we were shielded from most of the wind from all angles. Totally amazing.

One of my favorite parts of our campsite was the rock that overlooked it all. There was some talk about a coyote wandering in our area earlier in the day from a friend we met, so a lookout point was essential. As the sun went down, it definitely got much cooler, but not much different than living by the beach.

Camping in Joshua Tree was seriously so much fun. There’s nothing like being in the middle of a National Forest, hanging out by a campfire you built, and being away from everyone and everything. It was such a great time, that I actually bought an annual pass to Joshua Tree. Can’t wait for our next trip back!

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