Textile at The Sacred Door

Last Sunday I went to The Sacred Door on Lincoln Blvd. in Venice to check out their new Textile show that just opened on March 2nd. A fairly new gallery + event space, The Sacred Door opened up a few months ago by jewelry designer Carly Margolis in the front of her art studio to act as a community gallery for all things “sacred.”

Native Line by Justine Ashbee

I’ve always been drawn to the beauty and complexity of textiles, but ever since I began working at the studio, I’ve grown even more interested in the creative process behind design. It’s interesting to look at each of the pieces and think about how the designer or artist got to the finished work. For example, with the “Papau New Guinea Scream Mask” silk piece by Mara Hoffman above, I begin to think about how it was woven, the cutouts and how that was achieved and of course, the ombré dying which then makes me think about the dying process. Speaking of process, The Sacred Door is offering a Shibori Workshop this weekend which I’m  actually thinking about taking – depending on if we end up camping in Joshua Tree this weekend or not. I mean, it is right across the street from my house…

Bonbon Lamp by Ana Kraš

COLORS – Velvet on Fabric by Donna Hunaca

Silk Kitty Caftan by Tracy Conti

Woven Sculpture by Mimi Jung of Brook&Lyn

Shibori by Raquel Allegra

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