House On The Rock

Recently I’ve been going through my photo passport aka hardrive which is literally thousands of photos deep. It’s such fun looking through almost but not really forgotten memories and bringing them back to life, in the current moment. Back in 2008 we vacationed in Spring Green, Wisconsin at a magical place known as House On The Rock. The short version is it’s an unusual architectural project of Alex Jordan, Jr. whose father was a former student of Frank Lloyd Wright. The famed architect was never a fan of his father’s and despised Alex’s plans for HOTR but believe me, this place is not to be missed! We stayed at House On The Rock Inn which not only had the coolest bartender of all time, Art, but the kiddie pool – yes I did just say that – is out of this world. I mean, it’s shaped like a giant submarine – total big kid stuff.

Road trippin’ from Chicago to Spring Green, Wisconsin.

We ate lunch at Spring Green General Store is part grocery store, part natural cafe. Stocked with local cheeses, snacks (this is where I discovered Mary’s Gone Crackers!) and other artisan goods, It was nearly impossible not to fall in love with the quaint store. Over at the cafe they serve up fresh, daily homemade eats, of both the vegetarian and meat-loving kind. I got the veggie quiche and Christopher got the veggie burger + veggie chili. Check out the daily menu here.

Winding stairway at House On The Rock.

The Infinity Room is the most famous part of House On The Rock, located in Section 1. Completed in 1985, this engineering marvel extends 218 feet out over the scenic valley pf the state park and 156 feet above the forest floor. The Infinity Room has 3,264 windows for walls.

Aside from the Infinity Room, there’s a multitude of other themed spaces, separated into houses, gardens and rooms. Full guide below!

H O U S E   O N   T H E    R O C K    G U I D E

>> Section 1 | Section 2 | Section 3 <<

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