Weekend in Big Bear: Snowboarding

It’s literally been 10 years since I last hit the slopes, can you believe it? Snowboarding was once one of my biggest passions, or I mean… biggest obsessions. Ever since late elementary school, my family would go up to Northern Michigan every winter holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, President’s Day, etc.) to spend time at the mountains. I started off skiing but eventually decided I wanted to snowboard. Once I made my decision, I didn’t turn back! I used to spend literally hundreds of hours on the slopes over the course of 6 years – wind-chapped nose, red cheeks, purple-bruised booty and all. (Yeah, total nerd!)

For my birthday this year, the boyfriend and I decided to take a weekend trip to Big Bear where I would teach him how to snowboard over at Snow Summit! It was Chris’ first time trying out any winter sport ever, and he did brilliantly! I mean, who goes up on the big hill on their first day, and doesn’t fall when they get off the chairlift? I guess knowing how to skateboard helps with balance – even though snowboarding (and being attached to a board) feels totally different. It took me about an hour to hash out how to carve again and what it felt like being on the snow – by mid afternoon I was riding like my 10-year hiatus never happened. It was one of the best weekends we’ve had since moving to California – both relaxing and exhilarating – totally can’t wait to go back!

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  • Mel-l

    You dudes are the best!