Arizona Pt.1 – Prescott Wilderness

Pink Car in Prescott National Forest

For the boyfriend’s birthday last month (holy crap, has it been that long?!) we took a little journey down to Arizona for a few days. We had some airline miles to use up and an itch to go to the desert. Plus, the boy’s amazing grandparents live down there and always show us the coolest places we’d never know about. I was dreading the heat but luckily Prescott is located in the mountains of Arizona, where it actually snows during the winter, so it wasn’t as hot as being in Phoenix.

His grandparents drove us through some really questionable roads – SO much fun – giving a whole new meaning to off roading for me (oy, vey!). We traversed through the backwoods of Prescott that intertwined with the Prescott National Forest. I was completely fascinated with the huge line of potted mailboxes next to a “neighborhood” directory made completely of carved wood. I clearly had stepped into another world. Oh, and not to mention the Pink Car Road, marked by this pepto pink bug shell (which looks to have a bazillion gunshot holes in it) – a local relic of sorts (read here about the mishap encounter it had with some kids last year). We ended the day with a visit to a few lakes – Watson Lake and Goldwater Lake to be exact – which were both absolutely picture perfect!

Pink Car Road Prescott National Forest

Primitive Road Caution Sign

Prescott National Forest Residence Directory in Wood

Pine Mountain Road Mailboxes Prescott National Forest

Watson Lake Trail Prescott Arizona

Watson Lake Prescott Arizona

Watson Lake Prescott Arizona


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