Dream Vacation: Treehotel

Located in Harads, Sweden about 40 miles south of the Arctic Circle is a little slice of heaven I hope to one day visit. Treehotel is an extraordinary group of tree houses for rent, that was inspired by the film ”The Tree Lover” by Jonas Selberg Augustsen. As a tale of three men from the city who want to go back to their roots by building a tree house together, “The Tree Lover” is a philosophic story about the significance of trees for human beings.

Each hotel room is as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful. Everything from the construction to the hydroelectric power to modern, environmentally friendly combustion toilets where everything is incinerated at 600 °C. The toilets are completely odorless and powered by hydroelectricity. Holy crap, amazing! Check out all the themed rooms they have… I honestly can’t decide which I love most…can you?

The Cabin

The Mirrorcube

The Bird’s Nest

The Blue Cone



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