Dia De Los Muertos


So today (and tomorrow) is Dia de Los Muertos aka the real Halloween. In celebration, I give you a photo of Rusty the Punk Rocker aka my awesome pup and this eerie, retro lo-fi gem from Glass Candy. Super excited about their new album and also Chromatics’ new wax that comes out in January (HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me).

Yeah, 2012 is totally going to be the year of Italians Do It Better. Should we attribute their success to being on the Drive soundtrack (I mean, Ryan Gosling = record sales/awesome image association/girls will love it)? Or is it that they only put out some of the best electro disco dance music ever? Either way, I’m going to be celebrating the start 2012 at Los Globos at none other than an IDIB party! It’s going to be fucking awesome.


Rusty the Punk Rocker



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