Join the Movement: DEMF

Every Memorial Day weekend, thousands from all over the world gather in downtown Detroit for one of the most overlooked, yet most iconic music festivals held in the United States since 2000 – The Detroit Electronic Music Festival (now known as Movement). Inspired by high profile dance music parties held in Europe, DEMF is a yearly celebration of the birth of techno music, which began in of all places, Detroit.

Coming from Detroit, I actually didn’t really learn about this amazing genre of music until I left my homestate and was living in Chicago. There, I was introduced to Chicago House and Techno. Detroit techno is not what you typically might think of – I think dance music is often misunderstood. Most people think of bad, club trance music and that is totally not what Detroit Techno is about. Influenced by futuristic ideas, the technological mechanisms of an industrial city and the sounds of Kraftwerk, Chicago House, funk, and electronic jazz – came a new genre that can only be dubbed as Detroit Techno.

I love that NPR just put out this awesome article that pretty much gives you the 101: Get Familiar with Detroit Techno: 10 Essential Songs. Here’s a few of my favorite of the 10 Essentials:

  • Alleys of Your Mind by Cybotron – 1981 (YouTube)
  • Sharevari by Number of Names – 1981 (YouTube)
  • Cosmic Cars by Cybotron -1982 – (YouTube)
  • No UFOs by Model 500 – 1985 (YouTube)
  • Big Fun by Inner City – 1988 (YouTube)



(even my brother somehow ended up at DEMF 2009. seen here with glitter on his face. yes, glitter…)

This year in honor of a bunch of our friends who are all traveling back to Detroit for this festive weekend from Chicago and New York, the bf made a mix (listen below). Some of the must sees at this year’s “Movement 2011” are our good friend Mike Servito, the Legendary Carl CraigMetro Area, Marc Houle and Ritchie Hawtin.


Midnight Mic by spiderbaby

love la lovetta

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  • Thanks for sharing! I’ve lived pretty close to Detroit (on the Canadian side of the border) my whole life and I never knew about this festival. I really enjoy house music, and will keep DEMF on my radar next time I’m within driving distance on Memorial day – it could happen 🙂

    • Awe, I’m so glad that I could share. You’ll definitely have to let me know if you go – things like that totally make me miss home! 🙂