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Meet Rusty, the newest edition to our little perfect family of misfits. Yes, I know he’s a dog and this is a caturday post, but this post is about something more important, what we feed our extended family members, our pets. I was quite excited this week when we adopted this Koreatown stray who is the most amazing pup in the world. Not only was I excited about how well Rusty fit into the family ( Victor & Truman LOVE him ) but that I now was able to get The PetStaurant food for both our cats and our new canine friend!

The PetStaurant Sign

The PetStaurant Whitefish Cat Food

The PetStaurant Salmon Catfood


The PetStaurant is an amazing startup dog & cat food  company owned jointly by Marc & Linda Ching and their partners. They create food for your pets that are healthy and nutritious enough, that even you could eat it, with a philosophy that “it is not healthy for you to eat, how can it be for them?” Using only the freshest and best ingredients like kale, carrots, chicken, shrimp, wheatgrass, spinach, cilantro and bok choy to name a few. The PetStaurant creates meals with food tailored specifically to help dogs and cats grow and stay healthy. Their food never contain preservatives, added salts, or anything else on a label you cannot understand. Each meal prepared is infused with natural herbs that strengthen your pet’s immune system, helping them fight off infection and grow healthier bones. After you feed your pet their food, you’ll never go back to commercial pet food again.

Amazing right? Totally! Not only is feeding your dog or cat fresh, healthy food good for them, but you can do it at a reasonable price. Seriously. Marc & Linda are so warm and friendly, and offer free samples of all their food because they want to really be sure that your pet likes their food before committing. It’s so great to see two people doing something wonderful with their lives that is adding to the greater good. To learn more about their wonderful pet food check them out here.


The PetStaurant Booth Vermont Farmers Market

The PetStaurant Owners

The PetStaurant Wild Salmon Cat Food

They Love The PetStaurant


love la lovetta

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  • Ahhh he’s so cute!! That food looks like actual food…veeery interesting 😉

  • terri

    Wonderful Caturday post today!
    Rusty is adorable and very lucky to have been adopted by you! Congrats!!

  • I love it. I need to get this for Salem. He’d probably love it. They have a lot of different varieties no?

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  • Rusty is sooooo cute!

    We are proud and happy to have him in the PetStaurant family!