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I’m secretly an internet geek. Okay, maybe it’s not that big of a secret, but it can’t be helped, I mean I DO work for an internet software company so it really shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Anyway, this week my co-worker and friend Jeffrey Mann and self-proclaimed mac geek, turned me onto a new piece of technology that is specifically for WordPress users.

Onswipe is a plugin for any WordPress blog that basically turns your blog into a visually pleasing, magazine like piece of awesomeness when viewed on an iPad…and most likely those other tablets that are now on the market. “Insanely easy tablet publishing” they call it. It looks like the platform is currently in beta, but I’m really diggin’ it so far. And I haven’t even customized my Onswipe settings yet. They have a bunch of options for you to customize the look and feel. I can’t wait to play around. Take a look at what LA Lovetta looked like on an iPad 2 today. Pretty neat huh?


Customize Your Onswipe

la lovetta onswipe cover

la lovetta onswipe menu

la lovetta onswipe menu

la lovetta onswipe page turn

la lovetta onswipe page

la lovetta onswipe single post

la lovetta onswipe comments

la lovetta onswipe turn


love la lovetta

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