Cosmic Eye

gods eye

New obsession: Ojo de Dios inspired art. Thinking of making my own.

Gods Eye - Comets Kick Up Dust in Helix Nebula

Cat Eye Nebula

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  • Hiya, i just found your blog on IFB Network and i must say, it’s become a favourtie of mine to be honest…so good! I love these photos so much, they are really interesting! Stop by mine sometime 🙂

    Yours, Elizabeth.

    • thank you elizabeth, you’re too sweet!

  • This images are stunning!
    You have such a well-organized blog…it’s neat and amazing.


  • Loved your blog! is so Beautiful! These photos are beautiful, I must say I have a crush on galaxy, and That sort of thing, hehe:)
    hmm, :$ ok, These pictures are very similar to galaxy, are even galaxies? :$
    Haa! and thanks so much for commenting on mine blog. 😀

  • Sammy

    that picture is the bomb. it is the coolest thing ive ever seen in my life. it would be cool to know how to make it. i was wondering if there was directions to make it. can you send me them.
    <333 them   ; )    x )