West Coast Christmas

lovetta malibu cove xmas

It was nice to spend the holidays in warm climate for the first time ever. Christopher’s dad came in for the long weekend, and we had ourselves quite an eventful few days off. Started the weekend by driving up the PCH to Malibu and went down to a hidden cove that had caves covered with mussels. Quite amazing, actually. The air was breezy but the sun was warm – the most perfect Christmas ever.

malibu cove cave

mussels in malibu

malibu beach

malibu xmas scene

swingers on xmas

On Christmas, we put on our best Christmas sweaters (or in my case, shirt) and went to Swinger’s on Melrose for breakfast. Love their veggie/vegan friendly food and the fun decor. Spent the rest of the day hanging out in Hollywood seeing Tron 3D…which I must say has an epic soundtrack…I mean, did you see the scene when daft punk was DJing at that bar? Anyway, we went to the El Capitan Theater which had an awesome laser light show before the movie.

tron laser

tron laser beams

la lovetta lovea beard papas

lovetta beard papas cream puff

Before we saw Tron, we stopped by the shops at Hollywood/Highland and got some Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs, which are as creamy, crispy, rich and completely as droolworthy as they look. Straight from Osaka, Japan, these babies are to D-I-E for. Plus, the cute old sailor guy logo is cute enough alone to love them. We got the original vanilla, but they come in other flavors, and Beard Papa’s also serves other tasty , decadent desserts. The rest of Christmas day was spent cooking my first complete Christmas meal ever, and watching movies. We explored more of LA throughout the rest of the weekend, visiting The Getty and Chinatown. The view from the Getty was breathtaking, with clear skies after all the rain we’ve been having lately. You could literally see to Long Beach on one side, and views of the snow-capped San Gabriel Mountains on the other. The weekend ended with a night time visit to Chinatown to see all the neon lights and lanterns.

getty center

getty entrance

getty maze

los angeles from the getty

san gabriel mountains the getty

lovetta flower

I’m a bit obsessed with plants. Succulents, especially.

cactus the getty

lovetta desert rose black grass

Los Angeles Chinatown Laterns

love la lovetta

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