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HFM organic fruit

This weekend during my usual Sunday trip to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market, there were tables upon tables setup with crowds of people around, signing petitions. The petitions they were signing were in response to the very possible closure of the nearly 20 year old farmer’s market. Each Sunday, from 8 am to 1 pm, Ivar and Selma between Hollywood and Sunset are closed off to house 150+ local vendors. I go nearly every sunday to purchase my produce for the week. There’s nothing like buying directly from those who grew the food that you bring into your home. Nearly 10,000 people attend the market each week, and all of a sudden the L.A. film school wants to reclaim their rights to access one of two parking lots whose entrances are located on Ivar.

Seriously? They claim that the school has gotten busier and especially on the weekends. Hello, has anyone heard of public transportation? I use the Metro everyday…it’s not an impossible thought or feat. The Hollywood/Vine stop is two blocks away from the film school, as well as the market. It’s sad that a “city film school” can’t even help promote the use of the great things urban LA has to offer. So ridiculous that in this day and age, we are having this kind of issue.  I hate to say it, but only in L.A. Know what I say? PRODUCE over PARKING! Learn how to utilize the amazing resources this city has provided it’s citizens…like public transportation. Support the HFM here and here or follow them on twitter! Support and buy locally <3


we <3 the HFM!

carrots and beets

hollywood farmers market plants

root vegetables @theHFM

give me fruit or give me death!
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  • cherokee

    how un-fun! everybody everywhere should buy and support local foods