At Home with Eero

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We moved back home to Detroit late last year, and one of the most exciting things for us was the fact that we were going to be living in a historic Victorian home built in 1895. A four-bedroom, 2-story house, with gorgeous brick exterior and hardwood floors throughout. After living in our tiny Venice bungalow for nearly 6 years, it feels surreal to have so much space.

The one concern I had with so much space though, was WiFi – and more specifically, how on earth were we going to get our WiFi to be available throughout the entire house? With a traditional router back in our Venice home, it was nearly impossible to have more than one device be connected to WiFi at any given time, which as you can imagine, became quite troublesome.

Enter eero. I’m not exaggerating when I say that their smart WiFi system has completely changed our lives and the way we live in our home. It all comes down to the technology that’s housed in these aesthetically beautiful, simple pods.

Eero utilizes TrueMesh™ technology, allowing WiFi hops between eeros to travel down hallways or go around walls. Unlike other WiFi systems that only allow for one hop in any direction, eero allows for more hops with less speed degradation. How cool is that?

Now when Chris watches cycling recaps from races like Le Tour de France via YouTube on our smartTV downstairs, I can be upstairs in my studio working from the computer, prepping new items for our vintage shop, all while streaming music. We no longer have to bicker at one another to “get off the WiFi” – it’s truly glorious!

The design of the eero is elegant and unassuming, so it fits in perfectly with our home decor. We currently have an eero in my studio room, which is an on-suite from our bedroom. Another one is in Chris’ music studio which is also upstairs but on the opposite side of the house down a long hallway. Together, they provide incredible coverage for our entire second floor, which includes our guest room.

Downstairs, we have an eero Beacon in the kitchen, which despite being only half the size of the original eero, it actually performs 30% better since it’s a full-fledged access point. It also acts as a handy LED nightlight, perfect for late night snack rendezvous with the fridge. Our final eero is in our DJ/ record room, which is adjacent to our dining room and living rooms.

Having a reliable WiFi system that allows us to focus on life and the things we love has been liberating. Days of worrying about buffering, dead zones, spotty connections, etc. are gone forever. Now that’s the key to a happy life!

Want reliable WiFi coverage in your own home? Get free overnight shipping on any eero WiFi system with code LALOVETTA at checkout when you purchase from – trust me, it’ll be THE BEST purchase you’ve made all year!

This post was sponsored by eero. All ideas + opinions expressed are my own as reliable Wi-Fi coverage at home is so essential to living a happy life!

DIY Marbled Leather Coasters


The holidays are in full swing, and if you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling around trying to figure out a last minute gift for friends & loved ones. This year, I decided to get messy and try out a project I’ve been itching to do for quite a while now! I love the marble trend that’s happening in home decor and the simplicity of veg tan leather, so combined both of them in this fun + simple DIY.


What You’ll Need:

leather rounders
acrylic leather paint
– shallow dish ( i used an old pyrex pie dish )
– spray bottle
plastic droppers
– toothpicks
method hand soap
– sink/water
– towel


How To Make It:

The first step in marbling any kind of surface ( paper, fabric, wood, leather ) is creating a “size” (thick cellulose type solution) for the paint you’re working with to float on. I tried marbling with straight up water, and while it kind of works, the results are not as vibrant and the paint tends to sink rather than float like oil on water. The folks over at Dharma Trading are a great resource and have some useful tips if you end up having trouble, or would like to try a different marbling technique!

Step 1: In a blender, slowly add 1 TBS of carrageenan (seaweed derived gelling agent) to 3 cups of warm water and blend until fully dispersed. Pour mixture into a plastic container and let sit for at least 1 hour so that all the bubbles dissipate. If you are hand mixing, allow up to 12 hours for bubbles to settle and powder to dissolve.

Step 2: Dissolve 1 TSP of alum into a cup of warm water, then transfer into in a small spray bottle. Spray leather rounders to “pretreat” and let air dry. The alum helps the paint adhere to whatever surface you’re working with, so it’s an important step!


Step 3: Pour carrageenan “bath” into a shallow pan or container, such as a pyrex dish (about 1/2″ – 1″ deep)

Step 4: Use a plastic dropper to drop in acrylic leather paint, then use a toothpick to help create a swirl, or pattern that you desire. Add in additional colors as desired, and repeat swirling motion with toothpick. This is where you can get creative! You can add in as many colors as you’d like, or stick with just one. Totally up to you! I stuck with two colors as I wanted to create a bright, yet simple marbling effect.


Step 5: Once you are happy with a pattern that you’ve created, simply take your leather rounder and dip it flat into the bath, and slowly lift up. Voila! Don’t be afraid to experiment and get messy – have fun with it and let your creativity go wild!


Step 6: You’ll notice that your newly marbled leather coaster is covered in paint + is a bit slimy. Let it sit for about 30 seconds, then gently rinse off the leather coaster with cool water. The process can get pretty messy, but I recommend using method hand soap to clean up when you are done. I love that their products are biodegradable, made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable. They’re also animal and human friendly. Plus, they come in such fun colors!



This post was sponsored by method. All ideas + opinions expressed are my own as I love to create! Thank so much for supporting the brands that keep LA LOVETTA going!


Small Bedroom Makeover Tips

. .
Bedroom Makeover 1

As of this summer, we have officially lived in our little Venice Bungalow rental for 6 years. SIX YEARS. Just thinking about it completely boggles my mind, since for most of my adult life I’ve basically been a nomad, living in apartment after apartment for no more than 2 years at a time. With that thought in mind, I decided back in May that it was time to upgrade our bedroom because let’s be real – sleeping on a mattress + box spring on the floor wasn’t cutting it anymore!

CREATE A FOCAL POINT: Since our headboard isn’t very prominent, we used this large vintage rug hook wall art to create a focal point in the bedroom, and accented it with smaller pieces of art like this wall hanging from Maptote. Even everyday accessories such as hats can become decor when you display them in an artful way!

Bedroom Makeover 2

THINK SMALL: Making over any room of a house comes with it’s challenges, and making over a tiny bedroom with an attached bathroom is even more of a challenge since the bed can only face maybe 2 ways. The first step for us was to update our bed situation. Because our bedroom is so small – around 100 square feet –  having a queen sized mattress without a frame was kind of a burden. I know it’s only a few inches, but trust me, those few inches make a huge difference. We decided to downgrade on size, but upgrade in quality by going with a new full size mattress from Helix Sleep for customized comfort, and ASKVOLL bed frame from Ikea because we liked the minimal design, and also because it provides space for storage underneath. Plus, our cats now have a place to hide when the vacuum comes out to play.

Bedroom Makeover 6

COMFORT FIRST: When it came time to dress our new bed, I was looking for something simple + soft that would keep us cool throughout the night. Christopher tends to sweat when he sleeps, so getting a new comforter was totally out of the question. Instead, I pulled my favorite vintage Turkish blanket out of our Tawas Trading Co. inventory and paired it with the matte Sateen Venice Set from Parachute Home. I love how comfortable they are together, and especially how luxe the sateen sheets feel, while also being more wrinkle resistant than most bedding. I’ve literally never slept better!

Bedroom Makeover 3MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: I love mid century modern slat benches for their versatility. So naturally when I spotted this smaller than usual one at The Venice Flea Market last month, I immediately knew it would be prefect for our bedroom. The missing piece of the puzzle! Most days we use it as a side table, but occasionally we also use it for seating. Another great flea market find is the accordion hanger we have above the bench. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are ideal for literally anything.

Bedroom Makeover 5

LET THERE BE LIGHT: As in any small space, great lighting is such a necessity. We have amazing natural light that floods in during the day, but once the sun goes down, our bedroom tends to become a dark dungeon. When I discovered C by GE, I knew they’d be the ideal light bulbs for our bedroom. Their bluetooth LED bulbs allow you to customize light levels at various times of the day, to your preference. Plus, it’s so nice being able to turn lights on/off remotely via my phone, from bed or even from another room in the house. It’s the best!

Bedroom Makeover 4

The only thing we’re still trying to figure out is storage. This is a challenge throughout in our entire bungalow, but especially our bedroom since we only have an itty bitty closet. What are some of your home design/decor challenges, and how did you overcome them?

Watermelon Margarita Popsicles with Tajín

Popsicle-Week-Watermelon-Margarita-Popsicles What’s that you say? It’s Popsicle Week? Okay! I had so much fun participating in Billy from Wit & Vinegar‘s #popsicleweek last year that I decided the only way to make it even better this time around was to make popsicles with a friend. And since I was set on making another boozy pop, I enlisted none other than Marissa from Bourbon & Goose. I’ve been on a huge watermelon juice kick lately so when the folks from  WTRMLN WTR sent over a few bottles of their fresh-pressed watermelon juice, Marissa and thought we would mix two of our summer essentials together – watermelon and margaritas! Oh, and to take it up a notch, we added a little Tajín into the mix – yum is right. Popsicle Week Watermelon Margarita Popsicles 4 Popsicle Week Watermelon Margarita Popsicles 2 One thing I learned last year when making my Old-Fashioned Bourbon Cherry Popsicles is that too much booze is not a good thing when it comes to popsicles – the suckers won’t freeze thoroughly! We did a bit of research around online for some general “booze + juice” ratios and decided to play it safe. Plus, we heard a rumor that out of all liquor, tequila is the hardest to freeze and there’s nothing sadder than when your popsicle falls apart when you take it out of the mold. Anyways, onto the recipe!

Watermelon Margarita with Tajín Popsicles

This should make about 10 popsicles with a standard freezer pop maker.

· 2 cups of watermelon juice
· 1/4 cup of tequila ( we used Sauza Gold )
· 1/4 cup margarita mix ( we used Tres Agaves )
· 1 tbsp Tajín
· 2 tbsp cup fresh lime juice

Combine the watermelon juice, tequila, margarita mix and fresh lime juice together into a carafe ( for easy pouring ) and then sprinkled in a bit of Tajin into the bottom of each mold. Note that the Tajin will spread once you start pouring the liquid in the mold so pour oh so slowly!

Freeze overnight for 24 hours and then you’re ready to party. Olé!

Popsicle-Week-Watermelon-Margarita-Popsicles-5 Popsicle-Week-Watermelon-Margarita-Popsicles-3

*Special thanks to Marissa of Bourbon & Goose for the beautiful photos!

#MyGreatCat Victor / Purina Pro Plan

Victor Purina Post 1 What’s so great about a cat? Purina Pro Plan Cat explores this question through a series of cat portraits shot by photographer Jessica Trinh, and our cat Victor was one of the lucky felines chosen to be a part of the #mygreatcat campaign. A few weeks ago the Purina team and Jessica came to our bungalow for a little photo session and Q+A about our love of cats, adoption and what makes Victor so great! Out of so many great qualities, Victor’s intuition, curiosity, and sensory nature stood out to the team and jotted down a few things Christopher had to say about Victor:

“I just think cats are so unique. They’re like little people that pick up qualities from their owners. He gets his social butterfly-ness from Eileen. But he can be a little bossy sometimes, too. He keeps everyone in line, us and the dog included. If our dog Rusty gets out of hand, Victor will bop him on the head. He just gives him a look that he knows. He likes to prance around and thinks he’s very refined and sophisticated. He is also a master escape artist.”

Victor Purina Post 2 Last weekend in Union Square, Purina teamed up with the folks from @cats_of_instagram for a day long event featuring a pop-up gallery which showcased the 10 cats around Los Angeles as well as highlights selected from Instagram that fans shared through the hashtag #mygreatcat. Oh, and now through the end of August if you share a photo of your cat with #mygreatcat on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, Purina will donate 1 lb. of food (up to 50,000 lbs.) to one of many cat rescues around the country. Now that’s what I call great!

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